Why am I blogging?

Let's talk about #FOSTERCARE

It’s hard to believe I’m in my twenties now. I remember being a little girl and hearing people talk about being in their twenties and how it was this transformative time full of learning. Here I am, in my twenties and I feel so young.

In my twenty something years on earth I have been through a lot of things. One of these things being the foster care system. When I tell people I was in foster care they are always intrigued, but over the years I am learning more and more how little... how very little most people know about foster care.

There are many misconceptions and preconceived notions surrounded around the foster care system. And I get it. It can be confusing. There are many layers and it isn’t a big topic of discussion.

The majority of foster youth don’t want to mention it or talk about it until they’re older. I want to change that. I want to make foster care a topic of discussion. I want to educate and inform people about foster care. I especially want to break those misconceptions and preconceived notions.

Foster youth are some of the most brave, resilient and driven people I know. With the right resources these people have the power to change the world. The problem is not enough people know about the problems.

They don’t understand all of the struggles of how the foster care system works. I strongly believe if more people knew what foster youth went through they would help more.

In 2015, Health and Human Services reporter 427,910 children in foster care. 427,910. It’s comparable to filling the Horse-Shoe Stadium at Ohio State University 4 times over with just foster kids.

We have to talk more about this issue and get families the help they need; to get more amazing people fostering and adopting; and get more kids the family they deserve and the love they deserve.

Here’s the other thing… there’s a million blogs out there written from the perspective of foster or adoptive parents. But, little to none that I was able to find written from the perspective of former or current foster youth.

That’s an issue. We need to be helping each other; connecting; encouraging one another and showing other foster youth they can make it out and be whoever they want to be.

Follow along with me as I feature some powerful foster youth who have overcome a lot in their lives. These amazing people will share their keys to success for other foster youth. Let's unpack what it's like to be a foster kid and keep on finding new ways to make it a better experience. There are so many resources and I am on a mission to find them!

-Keri Hope

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