November: National Adoption Month

November is one of my favorite months. The brisk fall temperatures, the colors of the leaves, and Thanksgiving. I savor all of these things, knowing in four short weeks winter will walk in and steal the show.

November is not just a reminder that winter is coming, but is also National Adoption Month.

In 1976, Massachusetts governor Mike Dukakis launched the first ever Adoption Week to raise awareness of the slew of children waiting to be adopted. In 1984, the week had grown in such popularity that President Ronald Reagan made the first National Adoption Week proclamation.

In 1995, President Bill Clinton declared the week be extended to an entire month. This means a month of awareness events, which has meant a month of adoptions, which equals out to a month of celebrations! It’s a month that already resets our focus on the important things in life to be thankful for, like the power of family, but it’s also a reminder of the thousands of children who have yet to find their forever family.

There are 437, 465 children in foster care in the U.S.

117,000 of those children are waiting to be adopted.

So, this month, as we celebrate all of the fun November brings and we reflect on all of those things we are thankful for, let’s remember there are thousands of kiddos out there who might not have what you have. And let’s ask ourselves, what can we do to help more kids find their forever families?

Because everyone can play a part and it truly takes a village to raise a child.

There’s more to come, and this month we’ll get down to the truth about adoption. We’ll dissect adoption myths, we’ll talk with adoptive families, and we’ll talk with youth who have experienced foster care first hand. By the end of the month, I hope you will know more about adoption than you thought you ever would.

Walk with me, talk with me, people! Tell me, what is the biggest question you have about adoption? What is it that is looming over your head on this issue? What have you heard? Now, let's look at what the truth is.

National Adoption Month 2018 will be packed with exciting celebrations, stories, and giveaways. I hope you will follow along, my sweet friends!

-Keri Hope

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