No matter the topic, Keri speaks with passion and energy. She is talented at captivating her audience and motivating them to take action through her inspiring story.


She shares her heart in an authentic and poignant way. Keri is a natural at including just the perfect mix of emotion, passion, and action.

Keri has enjoyed public speaking over the past 5 years and has spoken to a variety of audiences in different spaces. These include college campuses, youth agencies, churches, and at conferences.


Keri loves speaking on a variety of topics, but some of her favorites include (but are not limited to):

  • Empowering youth in foster care

  • Using your negative experiences to create positive change

  • How faith impacted her time in foster care

  • Unleashing our voices for the greater good

  • Student leadership

  • Being an advocate

  • Chasing your dreams boldly

  • Friendship

Reach out to inquire about her availability or to learn more about booking Keri at an upcoming event.

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