Hey Friends! 

And Future Friends

I'm Keri Hope. 


Midwest gal, born and raised. Shout out to Ohio and Indiana for my roots!


Now, I live in Washington, D.C. and work in public policy.


My life's passion is advocating for vulnerable children and youth. This comes from my own experience in foster care (years that have played a significant role in who I am and what I stand for today.)


I have found time and time again that when people find out I was in foster care they have a slew of questions about the child welfare system. I have also found time and time again that some people are afraid to ask. Partly out of the desire to be polite, to not offend, to not overstep. I'm here to tell you to ask, ask, ask. Go ahead, ask! 


If we don't ask the seemingly hard questions we don't give ourselves the opportunity to learn and grow. If we don't ask we will continue to sit comfortably in our assumptions and misconceptions. That's why here, in this space, every question is welcomed with open arms. You won't offend me and I'm excited to walk through these questions together. 


While the sole purpose of this blog used to focus on answering some of those questions, it's recalibrated a bit since then. Now, this blog also serves as a place for me to share my heart and unique perspective as I navigate this sweet, chaotic, and short life.


So, I still invite you to ask away, my friends! I invite you to take a peek inside the world of foster care and adoption through my lens. We can still explore how we can help more kiddos be placed in loving families, and squash the misconceptions about foster care and adoption. 


But I also invite you to take a peek into my world, where I'll explore my own questions and observations about this crazy life.


My goal is to always be authentic about the good times and the messy times too. I dream of a world where we all feel like we can be our authentic selves - sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly. I believe to my core that more community and more authenticity lead to more hope that we're not all doing life on our own.


Here's my promise to you that this is a space where raw, real, and candid are embraced with open arms.

I'm excited you're here!                                                         

-Keri Hope






© 2016 by Keri Hope Richmond. 

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